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Dead Things Radio

Current Episode
"Man On The Street"

Now free from the mall, the four find more at the gun store than just weapons.

                    SEASON 3 (current)

Episode Title Description
13. Man On The Street Now free from the mall, the four find more at the gun store than just weapons.
12. Dead Things The group makes it onto the roof but aren't prepared for what they see
below them. Who will make it out alive?
11. Security in Numbers All the group has to do to escape the mall full of zombies is to climb up a ladder to the roof. But nothing is that easy . . .
10. Marathon Becca, Clyde, Alonzo, and Dorris search for a way to escape the growing hoard of zombies.
9. Numbers in Security Becca ventures deeper into the Mall and finds more than she expected . . . three other survivors.

                    SEASON 2

Episode Title Description
8. A Trip To The Mall (Part Two) Communications aren't the only things that are disrupted for Becca this morning.
7. Par For The Course Dorris is going to the mall to get rid of some golf clubs. What she leaves with is worse.
6. A Trip To The Mall (Part One) Becca has more than a stain on her uniform to contend with as she takes her clothes to the dry cleaners at the mall.
5. Walking with a
Dead Man
Clyde finds Alonzo just "hanging" around at the mall.

                    SEASON 1

Episode Title Description
4. Fool Up A Tree Sal brings Alonzo to the mall to help a friend, but there's a big surprise in store for him.
3. A Small Deposit Clyde is going to the bank in the mall to make a deposit and he's taking his shotgun...
2. The Trophy (Part Two) Sgt. Murberry is ordered into therapy after sending two of his soldiers to their deaths in an op to clear a neighborhood during the Zombie Apocalypse.
1. The Trophy (Part One) An Army extraction group clears a neighborhood due to the Zombie Apocalypse.

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