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DM Fitzgerald

Game Designer
Writer, Editor
   David is a writer and game designer recently know for Dead Things, Third Edition, which was a d-Inifinity Game Award winner for 2016. David has also written material published by Skirmisher publications and Chaosium, as well as having written over 30 pieces on gaming under the DCS inprint, available at Drive Thru RPG.

   A Training Designer by trade, David has used his talents as a game designer to enhance his training classes. Additionally, He has published a beginners training book called Basic Training Skills as well as an accompanying tool called the Deck of Many Training Things which compliments his book.

   David spent three years as a radio announcer before moving to Los Angeles and attending Columbia College Film School. David currently resides in Williamsburg, Virginia with his wife, two children and a multitude of animals. The characters Laura and Melvin from Dead Things are modeled after his two children.

Gary A. Rainer

Producer, Director, Editor
& Voice Over Artist
Gary is a veteran of the entertainment industry. In the past, besides running his own production company and working as a writer, producer, director, editor and cinematographer, he has also spent time promoting talent as an agent and manager. In addition, Gary holds degrees in Accounting, Computer Science, Filmmaking, Paramedicine and Nursing.

   Gary has been performing in front of audiences for most of his adult life. While touring across the country as a professional stand-up comedian, he discovered improv and began training in it. Gary has been a member of several improv groups, including the first to do a dual live show from two cities, using the internet. His improv skills earned him a recurring job on Prank My Mom on Lifetime TV, I Get That A Lot on CBS, as well as a number of other hidden camera shows. He now teaches and coaches improv.

   Besides his work in the industry, Gary has a unique background having worked in other fascinating arenas. He is a licensed Registered Nurse (RN), working as an ER Nurse, Flight Nurse and Critical Care Transport RN. He started off his medical avocation as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Firefighter during college, later certifying as a Paramedic. His public service record also includes stints as a Federal Agent and as a Special Deputy in a Search and Rescue unit.

   David and Gary have worked together on other occasions as well. Their first partnering was on a video called Neighborhood Watch: A Primer for Starting Your Own which won a National Videographers Award. David wrote the script and Gary produced, directed, and edited the film. They also have co-authored and developed motion picture projects including Marines in Hell, Class Klown, and Live Bait.

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